A general perspective about InDesign Server

You probably know Adobe InDesign, the most popular tool for producing high-quality print content. You may have used it to create a magazine, a business card or even a book, anything printable actually. You may have also heard about naming this tool as a server form of desktop but, what is InDesign Server really about?
An Insight to InDesign Server
Adobe InDesign Server is a software product, a proven server engine, already used every day by many of the world’s most successful enterprise and publishing businesses.
From a business perspective, InDesign Server helps you to centralize resources, increase effectiveness of marketing campaigns or automatize without creative or production compromise, among others.
From a technical perspective, it is a headless, 64 bit native server engine that runs on Mac and Win server platforms, built on top of the desktop InDesign and InCopy codebase, and therefore inherits all the core functionality of those applications that can be programmatically driven by C++ plugins, Scripting (Visual Basic, AppleScript and JavaScrip), SOAP and XML transformations using InDesign Markup Language (IDML).
This is just a quick view at some of the InDesign Server details, to know more about this software please follow the link below http://bit.ly/2uIeYiS
Then, what is the difference between InDesign Server and the desktop form of InDesign?
Actually, both of them share a lot in common, but there is one great difference between them.
The desktop form of InDesign provides a user interface, through which a single designer works on one document at a time whilst InDesign Server does the same but creating documents through automation offering a Web Services interface through which automated processes can be triggered to produce documents.
What can I use InDesign Server for?
You can use InDesign Server for database publishing and for online editing, mainly.
If your company produces catalogs, directories, one-to-one marketing pieces or virtually any form of content where data flows through document templates to produce output.
You can also use InDesign Server if your case is online edition of documents such as photobooks, business collateral, greeting cards, invitations…
So basically InDesign Server allows you to use the InDesign tool on an industrial scale, automating document production or enabling online editing solutions.

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