An insight to Adobe Content Server

If you are into digital publishing you may be Adobe Content Server user. If not, we will give you some good reasons to start using it.
Adobe Content Server (ACS) is the help you need to securely distribute your eBooks and PDF content.  
What is Adobe Content Server?
It is a software server solution that digitally protects PDF and reflowable ePUB eBooks. Adobe Content Server integrates with existing online bookstores technologies libraries and educational solutions to provide a seamless purchase and fulfillment experience used by hundreds of bookstores, schools and libraries around the world.
Adobe Content Server supports subscription models, allows device sharing and an easy content management across the devices. It also controls print/copy functionality, GEO and MRSP pricing.
Protect content for multiple platforms and channels
The Adobe eBook platform offer an open, industry-standard solution to publish and securely distribute media-rich eBooks to the widest range of reading devices. You can get to market quickly with your own branded app and delight your customers with the great ease-of-use as the books they purchase appear automatically across their eBook readers.
Adobe Vendor ID
Adobe Vendor ID works with Adobe Reader Mobile SDK and ACS to enable streamlining of the device activation and content authorization process for eBooks and improve the eReading experience for your users.
How to implement Adobe Vendor ID?
First, we willwork Adobe to provision your Adobe Vendor ID, then you’ll need to update your content authorization process with new APIs to leverage your new Adobe Vendor ID capabilities. Optionally, you can add the capability to join Vendor IDs and Adobe IDs.
Licensing model
Adobe Content Server has a licensing model that may suitable for a business looking for securely distributing and monetizing their eBooks and PDF content. It is based on a license fee and the support/maintence fee per year.
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