The evolution of Social Media in the last year

There is not a single day when we do not talk, listen or read about social media or use them, but do you really know which are the most popular and how they have evolved over time?
It is not new that the panorama of social media has evolved in 2017 and will continue to do so. All networks have changed, some have gotten more followers and others have lost them. Depending on the country, we find that there are networks that are more popular than others, however, we can talk about some generalities:

Facebook is the most consolidated social network with more than 2,000 million users. If it were not enough, we must add the acquisition of two other major social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram, which in turn, continue to grow.
Instagram has experienced a stratospheric growth in the number of users, including companies, and the investment of these in advertising dedicated to this network has increased exponentially.
WhatsApp has surpassed YouTube in number of users and positions itself as best instant messaging network along with Facebook Messenger.
– Other networks like Tumblr or Reddit have more than doubled their number of users, as well as Snapchat (although it is presumed that this network will decrease due to the incorporation of the streaming broadcasts of Instagram).
– Google + has seen its number of users reduced by less than half to 111 million.
– Even the most famous bird on the internet, Twitter continues to lose users day by day due to the departure of some of its managers, system crashes …
In the world ranking of social networks by number of users, the TOP 5 is occupied by Facebook with 1.650 million users followed by WhatsApp, Youtube and the Chinese WeChat and QQ.
Facebook, to this day, the most popular social network in almost all the world (and we say almost because in China it is forbidden). It is ideal for connecting with potential customers through business pages or loyalty to customers through groups.
WhatsApp, WeChat and QQ are free messaging services that have superseded SMS and even calls (as they can also be done from the application itself over the data network).
Instagram is in its golden age, taking more and more users to the giant Snapchat thanks to its latest updates that include streaming videos and even the «masks» that you can apply to your selfies. This network that already has 600 million users despite its short life (born in 2010) is used to share photos and videos of short duration and is usually added hashtags just like on Twitter.
LinkedIn is a professional social network. Despite being especially interesting for B2B businesses, its use is sometimes misrepresented by users who use it in a similar way to Facebook, publishing personal or irrelevant content for the professional network.
Twitter, despite being born strong and offering an innovative format of messaging with a maximum of 140 characters is the biggest forgotten app by companies. It currently has 319 million users and, although it accuses user losses each year, it still remains afloat.

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